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From our customers

“Most of the shower gel causes acne problem on my back. This problem disappears when I use soap, but I never liked to use soap. I am using the product for a long time. So I don’t have acne problem. Using natural product is the best.”

Vedat Aksoy – Student/Eskişehir

“As being a person who cared about own hair. I doubt about the products that I use. My friend’s mother who is dermatology speicalist suggested me to use this product. I feel more comfortable and I noticed that my hair which is thin not mixing and combing easily.”

Funda Kanık – Student/İstanbul

“I have a hand which is very delicate and sensitive and constantly need to use moisturizer. Products on the market, causing allergies in my hands when i use constantly. I have been using this cream since my colleague gave me to try. I didn’t have allergic condition. It smeels nice.”

Elif Naz Çelik – Fashion Editor/İstanbul

“As a being a hair dresser for 7 years. I’ve tried a lot of varieties of shampoo and I felt the need to use natural products in recent years. I use Ömer Adil oil shampoo for a long time. I received very positive comments from my clients.”

Ömer Yekta – Hairdresser/İzmit

“My son is playing soccer every day and he needs to bathe every evening. But other soaps dries his body. We use olive oil soap and we are very pleased.”

Zehra Bilgin – Teacher/Aydın